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The urgency and pace at which we are living our life is a disaster for our health and hurting our relationships. We are feeling like we are coming up short when it comes to doing enough, giving enough and being enough. With this chaotic role-juggling comes huge physical, mental and emotional consequences.

I am a specialist Health and Wellness Coach with a unique combination of specific education, skills and experience expertly geared towards providing health and lifestyle solutions for busy women. I am really passionate about working women’s wellbeing and help clients just like you improve their wellness with simple strategies and routines to regain clarity and control, find balance in their day and develop healthy habits towards experiencing a more fulfilling life. Don’t wait for a health crisis, reach out and take control. Get your diary out and let’s schedule some time together.

how I can help you



  •  Overcome unhealthy dietary habits.
  • How to easily adopt healthy meal planning into your routine.
  • How to shop healthy with a meal planner and shopping lists.
  • De-mystifying fad diets. What works and what doesn’t.
  • A non-diet approach to sustainable weight loss.
  • Staying on track while eating out and travelling.
  • In-house food audits of fridge, pantry and workspace.



  • A movement plan for a stronger, healthier more energetic version of you.
  • Best types of exercises for you.
  • Routines that you enjoy, that work and produce results.
  • Tips for staying motivated.
  • Avoiding injury.

stress management


  • Recognising stress and how it affects you.
  • Key steps to avoid burn out.
  • Mindfulness techniques.



  • Balancing the demands of a busy life is hard. Let me help you with;
    • Streamlining processes.
    • Setting up family management plans

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This session is designed to help you gain clarity around creating new behaviours moving forward.

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Perfect for someone who just needs a quick injection of order into their busy lives.

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Concentrated and intensive. Ideal if you want to make small changes or tweak our daily habits.

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This package is ideal for those who want to make a significant investment in their well-being.

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Contact me to learn more or find out how we can work together to help you regain control, find balance and develop healthy habits towards experiencing a more fulfilling life.

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