13 Dec Setting Intentions for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

My goodness! Anyone else ready for a break? The year is fast coming to an end. End of the school year, end of Christmas parties, carol concerts and work functions. Still much to do though…shopping, wrapping, rushing, rushing, kids on school holidays and still working, working…it’s no wonder so many of us are flat, tired and limping to the finish line.

It’s time! Time to take a break. Time to check in on the year that has been. Time to release what hasn’t worked. To let go of it, forever! Time to reflect on all that has worked. To celebrate it. To be grateful. Time to be inspired, energised and hopeful for the future.

Whether 2016 was full of success and happiness, failures and lessons or a combination of the two, it’s important to spend some time and reflect on the year that’s been;

2016 Successes.

It’s important to include the small ones among all the big successes. Being kind, thankful, and appreciative will allow you to move towards your intention.

2016 Lessons.

I am all about making mistakes. The more we make, the more lessons we learn but if you’re not actually learning those lessons then what’s the point? You are responsible for yourself and the energy you bring into any environment. Take accountability for yourself and your actions. Contemplate the areas of your life that you need to improve.

It’s the end of the year. What better time to take stock and decide what changes you’d like to make in your life.


So, you want to move forward but are overwhelmed at the prospect. We are self-sabotaging beings. We will make life much more challenging than it needs to be for ourselves like “I’ve got no time for change.”  “It’s all too hard.” “I’m not worth it.” or “This is just the way life is.” If we keep telling ourselves we are stuck, we will remain stuck and if nothing changes…nothing changes.

Setting Intentions for 2017.

Setting Intentions is a powerful catalyst for creating positive life changes in simple sustainable ways. It is getting clear on what you want so you can move towards being the best possible YOU. Intentions guide us and help us stay on track, they help us with our daily lifestyle choices as we journey towards our own version of healthy and happy,

Need a Game Plan?

If you need help with your intention setting, book in for a session with me and we can devise a 2017 game plan. If you struggle with accountability you might be more suited to a 3 Month Program where we can really focus in on creating some serious shifts in your health, happiness and overall outlook.

You deserve to feel energised about who you are and what lies ahead. Here’s to a brand new year of personal growth, productivity, health and happiness.


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