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‘Chasing Sunrise’ Wellness Coaching provides health and lifestyle solutions for busy women.


Busy women today are wearing more hats, we juggle more projects, work longer hours and take on more responsibility. We learn more and earn more, but at the same time many of us continue to fulfil roles as home makers, nurturers, mothers and lovers. Add all of this to an endless list of ‘stuff’ we should be doing like exercising, eating well, having quality time with friends and family, improving ourselves and contributing to our community…there is no wonder we are overwhelmed and exhausted!

I help busy women like you achieve a happier, healthier and more balanced lifestyle. With guidance, I will help you simplify and structure your ‘busy life’. We will work together to dig yourself out of the clutter. With my support, I help you create healthy behaviours in the realms of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, organisation and stress management. You will emerge feeling energised, inspired and empowered. You will have more time, achieve greater balance and feel like you are more aligned with your true self.

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This session is designed to help you gain clarity around creating new behaviours moving forward.

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Perfect for someone who just needs a quick injection of order into their busy lives.

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Concentrated and intensive. Ideal if you want to make small changes or tweak our daily habits.

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Changing and creating new behaviours and then embedding them as habits requires time, sustained effort and commitment for positive, lasting results.

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